A lonely flame, lit in the blistering cold of loneliness, is the spark of life. Once the darkness of the night takes its toll, nothing is left but the cold pile of ashes of time. In the heart trembling darkness that consumes all, a lonely voyager searches with all the hopes of a man of desert beneath the deepest ashes for the warm spark of the last remnants of the fire…

Life blazes through that small flicker of fire. The legends of the enchantments of Zoroaster still linger in the grieving hearts of the Fire Temples upon the lonely heights of Zogros Mountains.

The vivacious chorus of life, love and the whispered worships of the people of the Sun, still runs through the ceaseless veins of river Alvand and Sirvan. In this piece, with dedication to the Kurdish origins and traditional Persian music, a revolutionary presentation has been made through improvisional instrument playing in an exceptional method; with liberate and alteringthemes of sonority in Kamanche. In some pieces, Kamanche appears in petite and ephemeral figures based on Kurdish themes accompanied with percussion, resembling the natural yet hoarse sounds of the gypsy players of past generation.

The rhythm, unlike what has been presented up to date, has been pre-determined; the creative mingle of sounds and assortment of several percussions is evident in some parts. Caution has been taken as to avoid any recurrence of archetypal, tedious rhythms and instead replaced by duets with melodic instruments such as a tête-à-tête between the melody and the rhythm causes the Kamanche and the percussions to merge together.


Percussions: Mohsen Badri
Kamancheh: Shahriyar Jamshidi
Recording, Mixing and Mastering: Kaveh Abedin
Saba Studio Tehran, Iran (2006)