Alvanati is highlighting the vocal songs of the Southern Kurdistan Garmian (گرمیان),

where is located alongside the Zagros mountains in Khanaqin province in Iraq towards Iranian Kurdish province Kermanshah. All those bard songs are called “Alvanati” (ئەلوەناتی) the melodies of the Alwand River zone.

Yadollah Rahmani (یەدوڵڵا ڕەحمانی)the late (singer, poem and reporter) 1950-2011 was the first Iranian Kurdish vocalist, who has attempted to perform those remarkable historical songs in Iran.

Shahriyar Jamshidi had met Yadollah for the first time in Kermanshah’s TV when he was working temporary as a music director there in 2000. Meanwhile, Shahriyar arranged two songs from Yadollah for Iranian orchestra and Yadollah’s voice. Those songs were distributed in Kurdish province radios and TVs.

Alvanati was the first official released project of Shahriyar with his group Dilan ensemble. Alvanati was released on cassette format in Iran in 2004.

Poem and Vocals: Yadollah Rahmani
Soloist: Jamal Azizi Oud and Shahriyar Jamshidi Kamanche
Recording band: Dilan Ensemble