QadirDilan DilanMusicEnsemble
A Kurdish musician Qadir Dilan from south of Kurdistan

In 2003, with all the barriers and limitation in Iran, Shahriyar Jamshidi founded Dilan ensemble to concentrate his works to his purpose Kurdish music. He named the group Dilan; in the memory of two brilliant Kurdish musician Qadir Dilan, composer and singer (May 24, 1928-March 18, 1999) and his brother Muhamad Salih Dilan, singer, songwriter, poem and a Kurdish nationalist (1927-1990). Maybe, it is the first time in the history of Iranian music that someone has taken a name of a band of the famous Kurdish artists.
Qadir was the precursor artist in his era; he had been working as a musician when Kurdistan was being in the hard and unstable conditions during the Ba’ath regime in Iraq. Dilan left home to Perak the capital of Czech Republic to continue his work in free and safe place and study classical music as well.

SalehDilan DilanMusicEnsemble
A Kurdish poet singer Muhammad Saleh Dilan from south of Kurdistan

He has composed few songs that were the collection of Kurd’s nation musical culture. Currently, we can still hear Dilan songs among Kurd people everywhere. Muhamad is known as a one of the talented Kurdish Maqam singer.

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